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Richard Robinson Paintings

The invaluable teaching I have received from the Painting Academy course
has helped me create these paintings and many more.
Pataua South, Oil on Canvas

'Pataua' - 2008 - Oil on Canvas 152 x 51cm
Pataua is a very special place. If you've been there you know what I mean. There's something about the landscape there. Maybe it's the contrast between the serene estuary and the roaring surf beach, or its small community divided by the estuary, tenuously united by its wooden footbridge. Whatever it is, I always feel like I've arrived somewhere unique and special when I drive down out of the bush into Pataua.

Footsteps, Oil on Canvas

'Footsteps' - 2008 - Oil on Canvas - 122 x 91cm
This is my son Luke headed down to the beach. He's 2 - doesn't mind telling you either. Such an inspiring age for him where everything's new and exciting - nice to try and capture some of that adventure in a painting.

Evening's Rest, Oil on Canvas

'Evening's Rest' - 2006 - Oil on Canvas - 51 x 153cm
When painting "Evening Light, Bream Bay ", I was inspired by my studies of the local sand dunes to paint this larger image of Ruakaka Beach. The top of the dunes seemed to leave a space in the foreground of the composition which needed to be filled so I transplanted my " After the Storm " canoe from previous works to complete the scene. The colourings of this work seem to leap back many months to my previous work with highly saturated colour schemes. After a long time concentrating on developing subtle harmonies in greys it's refreshing for me to do this again with my colours, although I've tempered the bold colours in the grasses and sky with largr areas of more neutral greys in the hope that the contrast between the two will enhance the pleasing qualities of both.

Sandy Bay, Oil on Canvas

'Sandy Bay' - 2006 - Oil on Canvas - 51 x 153 cm
Sandy Bay in Tutukaka, Northland, is one of the most beautiful and inviting beaches along the Tutukaka coast, which is a treasure trove of secluded white sand beaches. Sandies is also a great spot for surfing, and on a big day the break can be ridden halfway across the whole bay. On calmer days it's a mecca for families and kids of all ages, this more sheltered southern end providing safe swimming and great boogy-boarding waves for the littluns.

Coming Home II, Oil on Canvas

'Coming Home' - 2008 - Oil on Canvas - 152 x 51cm
The view from the top of the Brynderwyns heading north. A favourite view of many, which means they've made it home from a trip down south. Reminds me a lot of The Shire from The Lord of the Rings too.

Coming Home II, Oil on Canvas

'What a Wonderful World ' - 2005 - Oil on Canvas - 50 x 50cm
Danielle on Ruakaka Beach. While I was painting this I listened to Louis Armstrong singing 'What a Wonderful World' over and over again. It just seemed to suit the painting so perfectly, so I named it after the song.

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