What is Information Mapping?

Many years ago I came across a structured writing method of writing instructional materials called Information Mapping® (Information Maps®). Many of the largest companies around the world use this methodology for producing training materials for their employees. We use this approach in every single Painting Academy course unit. This is why the materials are different from all the other art instruction on the market and why we get such consistently positive reviews from all our students for the quality of the presentation of the material.

The Painting Academy is the only art instruction course on the internet that uses this Information Mapping® methodology. The reasons for this are:

  1. It takes many years to learn how to do Information Mapping® to a high level of quality, and there are only a limited number of writers trained to use this approach
  2. It is more expensive to develop training materials using this structured writing approach because of the analysis involved before you even start writing. It is particularly difficult in the field of painting because very little information is documented well and the available knowledge is often contradictory and confusing.