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"Thereís no
way your
paintings canít
improve after
this course"
"Iíve been painting on my own for a while and thought I was doing okay. Now that Iím taking this course I see so many things I can learn from that will make my work so much better. This is the stuff you canít get in art school anymore, sadly. Thereís no way your paintings canít improve after this course. Thatís how strongly I feel about it." ... Bob Akers., Crystal Lake, IL, United States

"...really superb"

"I find your courses really superb in two ways: first they are very complete and comprehensive, and second they go straight to the point, to the essentials. Both my wife and I paint and we both agree that these art instruction courses are one of the best sources of education for people who want to learn to paint in a direct or alla prima style" Bernado Martin, Alicante, Spain.

Erika is
her dream
"This course is truly well run, professionally handled -- and I can only echo the great comments of other students: I am glad, I enrolled in this course!! I got so much out of it already -- lots of explanations, areas to study up on, other artists to learn from. AND I am not at the end of the course, yet. I am getting more and more confident and bold enough to follow my dream -- to become a proficient and sensitive artist. Erika, USA, 2009
"...already noticed
in my work"
"In my opinion, your material is the best I have found. It builds the basics, from the ground up, recognizing that there are no short cuts.....Your course puts all the right info into one package, and even more important, it gives me an organized, building block way to get these things into my head, and I have already noticed an improvement in my work," George, USA
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Who is this guy?


Hi I'm Richard Robinson. I've been a professional painter since 2001. My claim to fame is only that I'm making a living as an artist and doing pretty well - something which I hear is not so easy to do, and I guess it does take a lot of work, but it's work that I love doing.

I've been teaching painting nearly as long as I've been learning, and I enjoy helping other's along the path as much as I enjoy learning from other artists.

My painting website:

My other painting lessons website:

The Painting Academy Course
The lessons on this website were built by a good friend of mine who in my oppinion has created the best online art training available. Since I paint and run my own lessons website at I am constantly searching for great training resources. I found the Painting Academy course a few years ago and was so inspired by it that I contacted the author and got to know him personally. Eventually he decided he wanted to do less marketing and more painting, so he asked me to build this website to help promote his painting course, which I did - and here you are!

2 Critical Keys
If you are looking (like I did) for the best painting course available there are 2 key things you should know about the Painting Academy course which make it stand out above the other online painting courses available today:

1. It's Comprehensive.
It covers ALL the key painting concepts and then goes further, revealing more and more painting insights. Most courses miss a LOT out - this one doesn't.

2. It's easy to understand.
All that information could easily become confusing, but each piece is laid out clearly and concisely using Information Mapping® making it a pleasure to learn.

If you can find another painting course which does these 2 things better, please let me know. As I said, I have been searching for many years and continue to do so, so you could save yourself a lot of precious time and money by joining the Painting Academy today.


Richard Robinson

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